Private Music Lessons

PGS Student Ben performing with Cole

PGS Student Ben performing with Cole

Guitar Lessons, Bass Lessons, & More

Our music lessons in South Salem are available on guitar, bass, as well as musicianship topics such as composition, production, or preparation for collegiate study. Lessons are available for 30 or 60 minute weekly sessions organized into ten week terms. Pacific Guitar Studio is focused on immersing the student with creative material including jamming with the instructor, improvisation, and composition. The repertoire in these lessons typically consists of popular rock, blues, and jazz music that students and their families often know and love. Students at PGS learn these topics by learning to problem solve to accomplish the musical tasks that they seek to master. The study of rock and blues music often carries a stigma that the students do not learn to read music and do not understand music theory. Through our methods, students typically learn to understand and apply music theory topics such as scales, sight reading, and transcription. At PGS, we train our ears to hear what tools are in use in our favorite music, reverse engineer them, and learn creative ways of applying them for our enjoyment.

“My two boys have been taking lessons with Cole for about 2 years now. I am amazed and both their progress and absolute enjoyment of learning guitar. Cole is amazing! His teaching style keeps my kids engaged and excited. I am so happy to have found such a wonderful teacher. We will continue lesson with Cole for years to come!”

-Aubri Sandlin

Additional testimonials are available here.

Max in a bass trance.

Max in a bass trance.

Two PGS Students performing together

Two PGS Students performing together


Lessons are taught weekly in ten week terms. The dates for these terms are below.

  • Fall: September 23rd through December 6th

  • Winter: January 6th through March 13th

  • Spring March 30th through June 5th

Performance Opportunities

We will hold an end of the year performance during the week of June 1st. Specific date and location are TBD. Over the last six years, I have facilitated ten student concerts. Parents and students have given me extensive positive feedback on these experiences. As I grow the program in Salem, my plan is to hold several student concerts annually. Photos and videos from some of these experiences are available here.

Cole Robinson accompanies several PGS students on the bass.

Cole Robinson accompanies several PGS students on the bass.


Tuition is billed quarterly. The rates are as follows.

  • 30-minute lessons for the ten week term is $355

  • 60-minute lessons for the ten week term is $685

My complete policies are available here.

“Cole is such a cool guy! My teenage son has taken lessons, both private and ensemble, on and off for about 4 years. Cole is both knowledgeable and patient, and for my son, hit that sweet spot where music is challenging yet still fun and interesting to learn.”

-Gregg Nitta