Frequently Asked Questions


Do you rent instruments?

            No.  I recommend purchasing a guitar.  There are many decent beginner guitars available for under $150.  The initial investment for a guitarist is much less than for other instruments that are typically rented like a piano, violin, or saxophone. 


Will I be your oldest student?

            Probably not.  I have taught a wide range of ages and very much enjoy working with retirees.  And if you are the oldest, awesome!  Let’s rock out.


Should a new guitarist start on an electric or an acoustic guitar?

            I recommend starting with whichever is most exciting to the student.  The most important thing in learning an instrument is enjoyment.  Start with whichever seems to be the most fun!  You can always switch or do both.


Is there homework?

            I will always send you home with something to work on.  We can make a practice plan for you that fits in with your schedule.


Do you have any minimum requirements for prior music education before starting at PGS? 

            No, I love working with beginning students.  


My son/daughter is unsure if they want to play music.  Do you want to work with them?

            I feel that a large part of my job as a teacher is to capture the student’s imagination and help them see their potential as a creative musician.


Is learning to read mandatory at PGS?

            It’s not mandatory.  However, I strongly encourage younger students in particular to read as the benefits for them as a literate musician are huge.  I do my best to make reading fun by breaking bigger concepts down into small pieces and turning them into games.


What forms of payment do you accept?

            Cash, check, credit, debit, gold bars, and auto-maintenance.


 What do your students learn in their lessons?

            They receive exposure to different styles of music while learning about, rhythm, groove, music reading, theory, improvisation, self-confidence, integrity, and music history.


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