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Ensemble classes are on pause for the 2019-2020 academic year. If you are interested in more information for potentially joining an ensemble in the fall of 2020, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Ensemble Program

  • Learn a Breadth of Music

    • Classic & Modern Rock, Jazz, Blues, & Fusion

    • Many of Cole's students have performed Herbie Hancock, Led Zeppelin, Pharell, and Jimi Hendrix in the same performance

  • Perform!

    • Participate in a performance and invite all of your friends and family.

  • Small Class Size and Direct Mentorship

    • The course is built based on the needs and interest of each student

    • Students are guided toward diverse types of knowledge

Background and Course Structure

Celebrating the one year anniversary of rock ensemble, The Sweatshirts.

Celebrating the one year anniversary of rock ensemble, The Sweatshirts.

The primary goal of this class is to help students develop the skills necessary to engage with music over the course of a lifetime where musical interests may vary significantly.   Regardless of one’s musical preferences, there are skills that musicians of every tradition benefit from.   Throughout this course, students will be working on all of the objectives listed below.  Each class will primarily involve rehearsing our band and finding “teachable moments.”  We will also take time for constructive feedback and group discussion while we prepare for a performance.  The instructor will also prepare demonstrations and bring topics for discussion.



Ensemble classes will be billed for their full tuition every quarter.  After the third class there will be no refunds of tuition. 

Tuition is as follows:

  • Fall Term 11 rehearsal and performance $380

  • Winter Term 11 rehearsals and performance $380

  • Spring Term 10 rehearsals and performance $350


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Please do your best to attend as many sessions as possible.  Learning in this environment is most effective when all members of the team are regularly present.  Conflicts do arise, however.  In these instances, please notify me in advance of your absences, as I may need to arrange a substitute musician to keep the class engaging for the students present.


Course Objectives

  • Technique – Developing the physical requirements to get the music in your head onto your instrument.

  • Rhythm – The ability to count and play in time. 

  • Music Theory – The ability to comprehend, organize, and verbally articulate musical ideas.

  • Ear Training - Learning to identify the elements of music by ear.

  • Communication & Leadership

    • Giving and receiving constructive feedback

    • Working together toward achieving group goals


Final Thoughts

In my last decade of music teaching, my students have shared with me what aspects of music have been the most fulfilling.  The results, have been shockingly similar.  The two most commonly enjoyed musical experiences shared with me are playing music with other musicians and performing.  Sadly, beginning music students often wait too long to have these experiences and end up quitting before reaching the most rewarding part.  My goal in creating this program is to help my students have these experiences, now.

PGS Student Performing with his band, The Sweatshirts

PGS Student Performing with his band, The Sweatshirts

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